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Thursday, March 26, 2009

im sooo sad~


for this past two days, im been crying alot.. it's all because i can't go to Japan. some must think, lol, it's just that.

HEY, going to Japan ish my dream!
not going to Japan means i can't go to the same university as inoo. it's also means no yabu-chan, yama-chan, ari-chan,.....and all my HSJ's idol.i, just soo sad. i've been crying alot this couples of days..my last word will be no other than~JPA baka!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


~Ms Zawani~

::: What is the relationship of you and him/her? :::
dulu kami membenci sesama senirik. sekarang dah lain. selepas mengenali hati budi dia, dia sangat baik dan sametimes cute sangat. perkataan yg paling sesuai utk mengambarkan hubungan km ialah teman bergaduh.

::: Your impressions towards him/her :::
entahla. maybe sangat lawak kot.

::: The most memorable things he/she had done for you :::
mengenangkan masa km saling tak suka antara satu sama lain. bila terkenang balik, rasa lawak sangat~sangat~sangat...

::: If he/she become your lover, you will :::
masa benda tuh terjadi, maksudnya Siti Hajar Jasni dah GILA!

::: If he/she become your enemy, you will :::
gaduh puas-puas dgn dia larh. :D

::: If she become your lover, she has to improve on her :::
entahla. maybe dia kena kurangkan rendah diri dia tuh ja kot.

::: If he/she become your enemy, the reason is :::
dia dapat invatation kawin Jart and Ust Suhaimi Sudin. kwang3

::: The most desirable thing to do on him/her is :::
dia tak kisah kita cakap apa pun kat dia and dia pun tak segan silu cakap isi hati dia.

::: The overall impression of him/her is :::
lawak dan lawak.

::: How do you think the people around you will feel about you :::
"sapa2 tolong buang budak ni jauh2. bising laaa." <---sebijik dgn zawani punya.

::: The character of you for yourself is? :::
talkative dan talkative.

::: On contrary, the character you hate of yourself is :::
i love mehself.

::: The most ideal person that you wanna be is? :::
Yabu's girlfriend

::: For the people who likes you, say something to them :::
thanks, but Jart dah ada Yabu.

::: 8 people to tag :::

1. Ziera

2. Yanie

3. Zawani

4. Izzat

5. tak tau dah nak letak sapa. so Zawani lg larh.

6. Zawani

7. Zawani

8. Zawani

::: who is no. 2 having a relationship with? :::
bestie dr kecik sampai dah kedabak nih.

::: Is no. 3 a male or a female? :::
entah la.

::: If no. 7 and no. 8 were together, would it be a good thing? :::
lol, dorang mmg sejak lahir lg 'together' dah

::: How about no. 5 and 6? :::
no 5 tuh musuh ketat aku. yg no 6 baik bangat.

::: What is no. 1 studying about? :::
dia amek sains tulen agama. dia belajar pasai yamada ryosuke.

::: Is no. 4 single? :::
dia dah ada Shim Changmin dia.

::: Say something about no. 2 :::
dia comel sangat. and i love her sooooooo.... much.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

my daily routine

here i am again. boring as usual. so i wanna repeat what i always do when I'm boring; talking nonsenses.

TODAY SUBJECT~my daily routine

since i dun have to go to school anymore, my daily routine ish going quite da same everyday.

0745~wake up and pray then go back to sleeeeep
1100~wake up
1101~on PC then play games
1200~brush mah teeth, shower and fold my bed.(my bed ish just some TO~TO. i sleep japanese style.)
1230~doing some chores
1245~play games again
1300~online for awhile before mom gets home
1359~shut down PC, switch on the TV. pretending that im really watching it
1400~mom get home and prepare lunch
1500~moms goes back to work
1501~on back the PC, then continue playing some game
1540~my bro and sis get home
1600~online, watch some video, chating then get sleepy
1700~start getting bored of videos
1730~my eyes are closing
1731~go to sleep
2000~get up and hurried up to watch Spa~Q
2030~shower then pray
2400~sleep....so i lied.. i sleep at 4'o clock in the morning.

so how's my life?its pretty damn boring, rite?actually my weekend(friday and saturday) ish kinda fun. i can get out to the mall, to my cousins house, i can talk about HSJ wif my sis all day long and dooo soooo many other things..

P/S: the time format ish according to japan. if im not mistaken, it is GMT+9.


eh, it's seems like something missing, rite?yeah, no pic of my school life.. since i already so sleepy now, im just going to upload one pic.
here we go~

~this ish me with aini. everyone say that we're twin. do we really look alike?~

Saturday, March 21, 2009

my new header and layout.

so i change my layout. it's soo cool.. thanks to my fwen, freakish sakura for helping me..

then i change my header to yabu's pic.. i'm just soo into this guy.. i think this header will stay for about two month before i change it back to the older one.

~sorry mah friends coz all i talked ish yabu~yabu~yabu~yabu~and still yabu.. i'm just so in love with him.
hope you like it.. do comment my new layout and my new yabu-chi header..(no bad comment on yabu's pic, kay?)

Friday, March 20, 2009

i'm sooo bored..

can anyone call S.O.S? because i'm desperately too boring right now.

just for fun, i'm listing up the man, or should i say MANS(man with a big S on the end).

i like this man smile a lot.or should i actually say boy?.he ish my dream guy.but he 's too young for me so i dicide he'll be my little brother..

this ish the man i'm recently in love with..

yabu ish soo cute. i wish he never grow up.. i like Ya-Ya-yah's yabu more than Hey!Say!jump's yabu.. HSJ's yabu look older and sometimes he looks so mean to the other HSJ member

the most thing manS i like have ish a great smile.(i think cause i have one big one too)
this ish a few of them..
kim jae woon

celvin chen from fahrenheit

there's plenty of more actually.but i'm tired of this damn slow internet.so i just put their names.

~Koyama from newS
~koki from kat-tun
~taguchi-kun also from kat-tun
~nozawa-JE's junior
~mizushima hiro
~keanu reeves
~arashi's nino
~seung ri from big bang
~shun xie Zhi-5566

there's more actually but i can't remember all..
lastly, i wanna share some of my last memory at SBPIKP
~masa lawatan ke UPM~

~masa kat kem~


~me and my mcD bag~

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

my speeches.

to my fwens,
~thanks for supporting me all the way throughout my career.
~hope you all will keep supporting me.
~lastly, keep voting me~every votes count.

Monday, March 9, 2009

my school life..

*breath in*

*breath out*

Better prepare yourself coz this gonna be a very long post.

~Specially dedicated to Zawani Ibrahim (hang yg nak panjang sangat.hang tak baca sampai habis, siap hang!!)

I’ll try to avoid typo.And PERASAN...

#this is the journey of my life. #

Primary school life,

The first school I went ish Sekolah Rendah Islam (SRI) ABIM or now known as SRI Alor Star.The name change coz ABIM is actually related to PAS..lol, do kids actually care about it? They can’t even vote yet.Anyway, that school is located at Jalan Datuk Kumbar, Alor Star, which ish kinda near to my house. My first year there is normal. tak nakal sangat, tak baik sangat.. Just so-so. At that time, I was one of anak emas sekolah.hehe.. tp naik ja darjah dua, dah jadi macam hantu.. Too naughty too be true. All my senpai know me coz I’m soo naughty, not too forget cute.lotsa senpai that want me as their sister.*roflao*my favorite senpai is Kak Zahidah. She’s so caring, cool, friendly, humble and ETC.Last time I saw her was when I’m in standard 6. Kak Zahidah, mish you soo much~!!Bla~bla~bla~next up ish my best friend, Hanis Iryani Hashim. We have so much fun toGether.. satu kepala la katakan..She taught me soo many things, macam main dgn pokok pa entah yg meletop2 tuh..btw,me too..During that time I was soo ‘celopar’.Whenever she answer wrongly, my bad mouth will open and said “bodo la hang nih.”*slap my bad mouth*guess what happen now?like the oldies saying, kalau kita kata kat orang sangat, nanti benda tu kena kat kita balik..yesh, I deserve it well.. She’s way better than me now. We had soo much fun. We doesn’t care what others think of us. The school was like ours. hehe..*gaya digimon bila digivolve*SRIAS bertukar>>>>>>>Sekolah Hajar dan Hanis.. haha.. btw, my parent got divorced when I was in standard 2..but I don’t even care of it coz I have my best friend with me all the time..Then, we lived happily ever after …………………………………………………………………………………………nopes, there’s so happily ever after in real life. Then, I moved to Sekolah Kebangsaan Kampung Jawa, Klang, Selangor during standard 5. Life there started really hard. My biggest problem-COMMUNICATION. besala org kedah pekat. The biggest laugh for me is CAM that is penyodok. Then I started adopting to their dialek. Unfortunately, I get too well in that dialek sampaikan mengubal bahasa melayu baru such as, asrama jd asraME~, wira jadi wiRE~ and many more…. Bila teringat balik rasa macam lawak gila larh. There was time when PJ and music classes started to become my favvy. I joined the school percussion (it’s just like a band but uses smaller instrument) … my first performance was during Mesyuarat Agong PIBG and that was my last one. Right after that performance my mom told my class teacher that we’re going to moved back to Kedah. I was so sad yet happy coz I’m gonna be back to my hometown*singing Balik Kampung outload*balik kampung.., ye ye balik kampung……………………………………………………the end. Then when I moved back to Kedah, I didn’t go to my former school… I went to Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Rakyat.bla...bla..bla.. Just let my standard six’s life remain SECRET...

My high school life,


*yawn again*

*Felt asleep for a while*

Then yabu came in my dream and give me one big hug..

*shockly wake up*

What a dream.maybe I should take another ‘SHORT” nap.then Zawani came and somersault me.

Zawani: dahla merapu hang tuh. Lagi cepat hang perabih lagi cepat aku boleh tidur.

Jart: k lah Cik Zawani Oiiii…..*throw pillow and Yabu away and start typing back*

My first taught about high school just like souta in sensei wa erai. kakoii, kakoii, kakoii, kakoii, kakoii, kakoii, kakoii, kakoii, kakoii, kakoii, kakoii, kakoii, kakoii, kakoii, kakoii, kakoii, kakoii, kakoii, kakoii, kakoii, ….…………………. At last, the kain biru ish mine! I can now learn about prime numbers (heard it when my cousins were doing their homework but they insisted to teacher me coz I was only 8), and of course going to shibuya without a guardian to buy my own underwear…hehe.i got offered to go to SMK Agama Kedah. So I accepted it... in SMKAK, i’m very well known among teachers and students. My hardworking was known well among teachers. But what the teachers don’t know is my true face. Among students I was known for my crazy attitude. I was soo crazy; all my friends call me ‘Jart sakit jiwa’. When an ambulance pass by our school, all my classmates will say that it comes to fetch me up and whenever rambutan is said, they will throw their laugh at me. So what? I am crazy there, I walk while flapping my wings, and I dance all the way to my class. But I surprised everyone (that include myself) when I passes my PMR with flying colours. *applause* see, even crazy girl can succeed.

Then I got offered to SBP Integrasi Kubang Pasu. The ‘hulu’ school. if you wanna go there, just take PLUS Highway all the way North until you find yourself 100 metres away from Thailand, then you’ll find SBPIKP. That’s not much to say about that school but about my friends, it’s a lot. I meet with lotsa friends there. There, my HALOGEN’s friend that is Aini, Izat, Yani (my old bestfriend), Syud, Caan,Nor and maznie, there’s also *hand move it itself* ZAWANI and not to forget my dorm mate, yati, haha, mumu, ain, hasana, fatin. My junior was awesome but my senpai ish hampeh. I wish I got senpais likeJE’s senior members (the one I wanna most as senpai=Yabu). Me and Halogen’s had so much fun together. Some says that we just don’t look like form 5 students. Maybe that’s because we are so childish. We play and sleep the time like little baby. This is some pic of us looking so childish.

sori Zawani gambar hang tak dak.




*then jadi blur terus sebab Yabu ajak pi makan sama-sama*

~the end~

P/s: ni paling panjang aku boleh tulis nah, Zawani oiii… puas hati tak?

-Thanks for Ya-Ya-yah especially YABU-chan for singing yuuki 100% over and over again all the way when I was writing this post..

Saturday, March 7, 2009

100 truth about me..

100 Truths.

Last beverage →nasik dgn sardin and ayam goreng
Last phone call →hurm...., tak ingat larh..maybe maznie kot
Last instant message →izat?
Last song you listened to → ha-ru-na-tsu-a-ki-fu-yu by Ya-Ya-yah
Last time you cried → last week, when my mom is away.. i cried alot

Dated someone twice → yes~!!
Been cheated on → yes, and i'll remember it forever!
Kissed someone & regretted it → never!
Lost someone special→ who didnt?

Fallen out of love → nopes, i was too busy to think of love..
Laughed until you cried → yes, when my sister created a silly new word
Met someone who changed your life → nope
Have you kissed anyone on your top friends? → haha,nopes
How many ppl on your top friends do you know in real life? →mostly.

How many kids do you want to have → never think of it
Do you have any pets → no.
Do you want to change your name → dah bersyukur dgn nama tuh la tp i like Jart more..hehe
What time did you wake up today → 10.30am
What were you doing at midnight last night → chatting while watching scrap teacher..*yay~!!*
Name something you CANNOT wait for → hurm...melabur?hehe
Last time you saw your father→ last week
What's one thing you wish you could change → my form 5 life
Have you ever talked to a person named Tom → never
whats getting on your nerves right now → result nak kuar dah..
What's your real name → Siti Hajar Jasni.
Zodiac sign → Libra
Elementary/primary School → i went to many schools but my last one is SK Taman Rakyat
High School → SMK Agama Kedah and SBPI Kubang Pasu
Hair color → black
Long or short → like yama-chan's hair..(that's what i wish for actually)
Are you a health freak → so-so
Righty or lefty → righty

First surgery → belum lagi
First piercing → on both ear
First best friend → Hanis Iryani
First sport you joined → believe it, 5000 metre
First pet → chickenS
First vacation → just soo many!
First crush → 15

Eating → mee goreng mamak
Drinking → fresh sky juice
Waiting → for Izat to reply my message and my YM's friend to log in

Want kids? → of course i want one.
Want to get married?→ nobody want to marry me.
Careers in mind? → engineer.

Kissed a stranger → cium tangan penah la
Drank hard liquor → no and never
Lost glasses/contacts → never wear one.
Ran away from home → nopes.love my home the way it is
Broken someone's heart → i think too many times
Been arrested → not YET.
Turned someone down → for sure.i cant satisfy everyone's hearts
Cried when someone died → yeah, everytime

Yourself → eh, that's HSJ's song..
Miracles → yeah,..
Love at first sight → yes
Heaven → of course
Santa Claus → yes?
Kiss on the first date → no
Angels → yes, there is two with me now

Is there one person you want to be with right now? → no, it's actually ten.
Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time → yes. there's thousands of them in my list.
Do you believe in God? → yeap

Monday, March 2, 2009

school is out for...EVER!!

school is out for...EVER!!

i can't believe after 11 years struggling with studies, school, school works, folio and what so ever, it's all over now.. school started really fun and when i go to SBPIKP, everything stared to change.. school starts to become annoying and NOT FUN AT ALL.. believe me~!! life there is really hard if you someone like me..me=talkative, funny, less study more talk, rule breaker, and bla,bla,bla... so I advised you all, think twice actually i should say thousands times before entering there..

anyway, my school is kinda beautiful but you must always remember, don't judge a book by it's cover..it's actually a JIGOKU!!so if you see it anywhere, do remember. it's a really dangerous place..so, please stay out and don't come near..~!!hehe