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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Di manakah pemandangan terindah di dunia? Puas ku cari setelah jauh melangkah Hingga takdir menyuluh ke arah mu Ku temu pemandangan itu terlakar di wajahmu Dengan setiap renungan Terpesona ku rasakan Dengan setiap belaianmu hati makin tersentuh Oh kasih, oh kasih Ku berterima kasih Padamu kerana menyempurnai hidupku Dan sakit dah sungguh aku asyik terjatuh Jatuh cinta dengan kamu Dalam berjuta-jutaan lagu Tiada satupun dapat menenteramkan kalbu Melainkan bila kau menyebut Ke telinga bahawa kau juga sayang padaku Dengan setiap lafaz kata Harapan makin menyinar Untuk kita bersama membina hidup bahagia Oh kasih, oh kasih Ku berterima kasih Padamu kerana menyempurnai hidupku Dan sakit dah sungguh aku asyik terjatuh Jatuh cinta dengan kamu Ku rasa setuah-tuah manusia Nikmati hidup dengan wanita yang ku cinta

jatuh by ADAM

this post had nothing to do wif faliing in love, kay ?

miss muka te-em-bok XD (meh sis) fell down from her bed followed by an earthquake XD heheeee, she was like nangka busyuk. XD poor her. but i just cant stop laughing

then meh early bday present fall XD its not even meh bday yet. but its already broke down T_T

teh next ish meh X_X im falling sick !! i watch HSJ concert till late night >__< too much hot guys !! thanks god there's yuiri to talk to meh .. all else i'll have gone -_- faint

preparing for matric ^_^ ganbatte jart!

yabu X_X

eh, mister yabu! im just asking you, why dun you graduate teh same day hikaru did? wasn't you guys go to teh same school all tis while.. eheeeeem, then, why ish your hair ish always browny ?(btw, your new hair colour ish superb ! ^_^ i like it.. teh highlight thingies really work) what so ever, back to teh real bussiness, man ! doushite yabu !! your school dun allowed people to dye their hair for a long period of time, rite? but why can you o_O answer meh yabu ! heeeee, are you a rule-breaker ? heheee XD i LOVE rule-breaker !! yay ^_^ yabu !! and about teh graduation thing, do you failed your exam? or do ya leave school without finishing it first? for that, i will punish you XD heheeee, like you'll know. i'll change meh header back XD gomen yabu, but ill better start forgetting you before college start or else i'll end up just like ya.. <_<

meh life as a teenage driver start!! its sooo tiring~ today, i can finally start watching HSJ-ing tour concert XD yay!!w>_< meh nose ish really hurt now ! better go now, jaaa~

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

bye home, bye fwen >_< bye internet, bye freedom !

jaaa ~ everything.. im going to matric in 21 days..

actually i should be happy. my days home ish too boring but i LOVE teh boring life. i can freely do everything i like XD but at matric, maybe i'll be very busy till i can't watch HSJ anymore T_T.. iNOOOOOOOO! please someone, save me !

so for teh next 21 days or 504 hours and also known as 30240 minutes, please minna fwen, help meh to enjoy meh life..

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

lol me XD

my bro ask me do i mish meh school. then wif full confident i said, no larh! then i sit back and think again.. but the answer ish still no..
then i was doing some kerja kursus ( its my sis of course) i was so boring then i draw mehself and ziera. then i wanna upload it to the computer but my damn scanner cant scan the image cos i drew it with a pencil. lol!! so i have to put some inking to it..btw, my drawing are bad. and the inking make it worse.. so bare it ! here's the result --->

then i was looking through meh photo albums. i found out that some of meh pic can be arrange to make a short drama. here's one.


starring :
~me aka jart
~izat aka big maam

other fwens.

not to forget, miss cameraman XD.

aini(teh one with orange T): nor, nor ! ada kamera!! jom ar posing.
nor( the one with black) : weh aku malu ar XD
chaan ( at the back wearing blue) : let's not join teh CAPUB things okay, syud.
syud: yeah, macam la kita leh masuk. aini tuh sekali dah CAPUB, org lain taleh kacau dah XD

aini: ehem, jomla amek gambar lu sebelum masuk.
jart ( teh one wif peace): yeah, cheezzzz!
nor: let's rocks, girl!
first time in teh house XD!!

everyone: yatta! look what we found >_<*excited*. aini: tak silap aku, kotak nih ar yg leh kuar gambar and sora tuh. jart: betoi ar nih XD syud (teh one wif red T): weh, jgn ar perak sangat. kotak bergerak nih nama dia TB. nor : bukan ar. nih TV ar syud XD kat langkawi belambak ar. langkawi kan moden. Baling got none! aini: ehem-ehem!! *belasah nor* chaan : lets steal it ! everyone: *devil eye*
jart: minna, hayaku! kang ummi(teh principle) sedar.
chaan : aku bawak balik penang ar TV nih XD
jart: i wont let go of tis TB. *hugging teh TV tightly*

everyone: peace !! ^_^
miss cameraman : ehem, minna. look here larh.
everyone: whoppsie! wrong camera.

miss cameran: okeh dokkie now! smile *click*
zawani(with yellow baju kurung) : penat aku control ayu!

aini: belilah kicap nih. ia sangat lazat, menyelerakan. ia akan menjadi penambah selera kepada setiap masakan anda.. blah~blah..*talking none stop*
jart: volume down! mute please aini-chan!
miss cameraman: *click* okay!
izat( maroon T) : weh, aku takdan senyum lg XD sekali lg arh. dasat cameraman murah *marah dengan gaya Big Maam.

miss cameraman: hurm, maam. is it okay now?
izat: hayaku!!now!!
miss cameran: hai~hai~T_T*sad*

missie: gomen minna! blur image.
jart: oi-oi.. tgn aku dah lenguh ar!
ehem, do anyone recognise teh flower? its looks like teh one yama-chan get during his birthday last year XD yatta
big maam : nak kena lg missie nih !!buat keja lembab sungguh.

izat: belilah set nih. dijamin besh.

missie: smile!!
izat: *senyum terpaksa*quit hugging meh girl.

yani: itadakimas!km hantam luh.
aini : makan makan selagi yg termampu >_< *eating none stop* nor: *usha makanan belah sana* peeeewit! pass ar sini skit
nor: makan, jemput makan semua!
missie: ehem ehem, can i have a bit now?
yani: keja keja! missie makan last. skrg masa km nak melantak ar !

yani: kena katup mata nih. kang habis semua makana kat rumah nih aku belasah.
nor : missie makan ar.
missie: O_O all left ish tulang. T_T NOOO!!

chaan: last pic! smile!!

then we went back to our hostel XD
esok tuh SPM lg, so km enjoy sikit-sikit ja ar.
missie: what the..? tu sikit korang?

tanjoubi ni omedetou, dai-chan!!

Friday, April 10, 2009


tomorrow, i got to attend an interview for TESL. yatta! no larh, i'm not really happy. im full of nervous and my mind ish full of questions. what i learned in school ish when you attend an interview you have to wear MAKE UPs, HEELS and HANDBAG. eeeeii, that's not really me. XD do i have to pretend all that just for one interview? i dunno.. HELP ME!!*shacky*

this ish a must watch vid. click here to watch it. yabu-cha looks so sexy and hika looks so cute wif teh flowers. if you watch carefully, you'll find kawaii nakaken too. XXD

then i found this vid wif chibi hashimoto, yamada, ryutaro and takaki. they all looks so kawai. meh sis called yamada debab.. lol, her. but it's actually kinda true.. XD

four days to ari-chan birthday ..


just a quick post.

today meh sis got a MP4.>_<*happy*

but, i excidently broke it. XXD
that's why people called me miss no good to technologies.XXD

gomena~ sarah..

happy-happy birhtday to Nabilah(jang) and Galih Ginanjar aka Rasya

Sunday, April 5, 2009


*bad luck mode on*
i'm home now~! Welcome back to mehself.

Wow, it's just a week but there's a bunch of things i miss. i dun wanna talk bout it now. i'm not even in teh mood of talking. T_T. what i wanna do ish cry. lol, again?

so i got rejected again. i dunno why. all i wanna ask ish,
when will this bad luck end? i hate mehself for being sooooo UN-lucky. i got so many A's but still i'm rejected?. What did they really want? i dun wanna do any swearing here so i'll better change meh topic.

*bad luck mode off*
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ __ ____ ___ -failed!

I was browsing halogens’ friendster and i found some cute pic of us. These are some of the cutest, (i think)


halo watch

*me and waniem




*syud and maznie



halogen mascot

then, i do what i do best (lol, it's not crying, larh)~watch some video at youtube. Then i excidently found School Kakumei (SK) ~teh first episode.yatta! (Wow, maybe my bad luck had end :3). Then meh youtube got stuck. i can only watch teh video wiffout any sound.(there, bad luck just wont leave me o_0)what so ever, the episode was damn hawt! i repeat HAWT!!So for those who never watch it, you just gotta watch it. basicly SK will be star by teh 3 macho guys~Hikaru, Chinen and Yamada. They’ll be some games. They’ll be separate into two group~chinen wiff hika wif a guest star and yamada wiff two guest star.

*click on any vid you wanna watch*

jonetsu jump(teh lyrics had changed)

cooking part

sumo part

ping pong part

watching chinen's cute act, hikaru's hilarious fighting and yamada's cooking make me happy( a little bittle bit only actually). so i'll try yabu-chan's 勇気100%(yuuki 100%). that song never fail to make me happy.arh, talking bout it. I finally found the latest series of nintama rantarou or known as ninja boy. Then wiffout any surprise, HSJ sang the opening and end theme songs. Hoooray!for Hey!Say!Jump. (Click on either opening or ending to watching it).I think the latest ish better that hikaru genji’s. But I prefer the Ya-Ya-yah version more. Now, I just need some time alone to continue meh crying session.XD

Before that, here’s a quick quiz, can anyone guess how long will i cry this time?


Happy 14th to Ryutaro Morimoto!