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Thursday, May 21, 2009

im going ~~~~

fwens!! im going already..! omg, im so saaaaaaaaaaad now. i am really not prepare for all this.. im gonna miss chatting wif yuiri each and everyday, gosip wif zawani, Jdrama talk wif wawa, boys talk wif saku-chan,.... its just to many. i really gonna crying now..........

crying session end now.. im going to UiTM Shah Alam to fulfill my dream to become a teacher. so i should be happy cos im on teh right highway to my dream career! hehe XD k guys, ITTEEEEKIMAAAAS ! buh bye ~ miss me okay?

+im so tired of packing up things+

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


yesterday ish my day off. i sleep at my dad's. that night i sleep so WELL. i even karate meh sis and she said that she loss two kilos cos of that. believe it? hehe XD

then my granny KATHUN comes to my house. i have to take care of her too besides my lazyself. but I LOVE NENEK KAT-TUN (that's what me call her cos kathun sound a bit like kat-tun) XD what a granchild i am~~

so right after granny went to her home, i started to find some new HAWT vid. then i found this ---->

my yabu ish just 22 but its okay. cos he's still my ICHIBAN~~~~


Sunday, May 17, 2009

how come?

i found this link in CR's HSJ group. all HSJ and JE lovers must see this ish just so annoying.


i feel that it ish useless sending a comment there. they will re-attack there. so lemme say a few words here.

~i just dun understand why they hate JE. cos i had fell in love wif them the first time i saw them XD JE ish a very special company. it ish nothing like other singing company cos it give all teh chance for all includes teh junior to perform. they even made SC for the juniors. isn't that fair enough?

~they said that kame, jin and even chii ish seriously nothing like a man. heeeey! you wanna go and check their pants ka baru nak sure? even teh most handsome man in asia looks really like a girl and ppl still like him. so please la! learn to accept JE !

~JE artist do love to dance sexilly~ which i know kat-tun and kiss-my-ft2 love~~~ what so ever, that what's make them sp. its something like their trademark XD and seriously the butty things ish kinda CUTEEEEY

~their voice sucks ? ppl saying this must be DEAF! if they're not, that means that they are CRAZY, MAD ! JE ROCKS LA!!

~HSJ ish too young? heeeeeeeeeeeeei, i know the only reason ppl say this ish bcos they are jealous that they are OLDER~ HAHAHA~~~

~KPOP fans sucks! can i say that again ? hey! I LOVE JE but i don't say bad things bout your GOOD-FOR-NOTHING artists. JE have their own advantages! can your DBSK, SUJU, BIG BANG do back flips many times as chiiiii, ha? chii ish just 16 and he CAN DO IT!!

this ish all for now

+i miss shopping and friends+

Saturday, May 16, 2009

i saw this om yuiri's and this ish sooooooooooooooo fun ~!!

meh 10 similirities wif HSJ
1. im a loud person like yama-chan
2. i'm short like chii XD
3. i'm 18 and i love technologies like dai-chan
4. i love to eat junks like yuto
5. my nose ish very similar to yama-chan's (meh sis said that)
6. hurm i dunno XD i'm good wif kids just like all HSJ wif the juniors
7. i am funny and happy-go-lucky like hika-chan
8. i am 'menggelikan' like takaki
9. i have long hair XD
10. OMG~i dunno what else to put. okay, i have one ototo and one imoto like rytaro

My similarities result are:
Yuri: 3
Ryosuke: 4
Ryutaro: 3
Yuto: 3
Keito: 2
Takaki: 3
Inoo: 2
Kouta: 2
Hikaru: 3
Daiki: 3

hehe XD this ish all. i am nothing like yabu.. :C so sad ! but its okay. cos he's my boy!

to all teacher and will-be-teacher, HAPPY TEACHERS DAY!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

shintaro ish really hawt nooooow..

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMG ~~ shintaro sure ish something... he's super duber cute noooow ~~ >_< please stop being too cute or else i'll sure to fall in love deeper wif you !!

i just cant believe how JE are related. shin ish ryutaro's bro, koki has one bro too(which ish cute too),shoon have one.. and the other ish still. I DUNNO! kay, lemme introduce them to yah all.. hehe XD cos everyone knows that im a big SC's LOVEEER..

-the 2 ppl ish of cos meh sweetheart Koyama kei-chan and nakamura
-the first junior to appear ish BI shadow's Takahata Misaki
-the second ish kyomoto taiga( dun be suprise how much he has grow)
-the thrid ish................ i give up. i dunno XD
-the next one ish of course --> *drums and bg music* MORIMOTO SHINTARO!!!
-and the last on ish Juri which ish Koki's (kat-tun) lil bro. im so suprised that juri ish nothing like koki.hair ish the most obvious part la

here ish a pic of Yamashita Kyoudai-->

i know that both of them really look alike, but believe meh, reon really looks like jun ki(especially his eyes)

so the conclusion of teh day ish actually, JE sure ish related so if you dun get one, you can still get his bro !! XD


okay he's my new BF XD hehe .. gomeeeeeeeeen yabu!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

junioooor ish hawt

this song ish dedicated to all okaasan and otosan in teh world ^_^

thankssssss, kaasan! enjoy teh lyric. mooom! >_<

-the lyrics was so sad T_T i almost cry, but how can i with all those cute junior?

junior feature in teh vid:
~tamamori yuta ( gokusen 3 sp), kissmyft2
~B.I shadow
~kyomoto taiga
~hashimoto ryosuke( ABC-Z)
~nozawa yuki(miss snow man)-he got his hair cut and it looks a bit weird on him
~other kissmyft2
~ABC-Z (the one i know ish hashi and kawai-kun, i was hoping to see more tsukada)
~shintaro morimoto
~miss snow man
~and i kinda see a lil bit of reon (shoon's ototo) and i thinks there's shoon too
~and other junior which i dunno yet

nanba senpai ish masked rider !

ignore the title~~

nothing big to talk today larh . just wanna dedicate this lyric to all meh fwens. let's all work hard to reach our dream!! no matter what we choose ( matrics, university or oversea), lets all work our besh !

i know you guys are boring of meh and HSJ, so i put in newS'.. >_<


To north! To east! Go west ! Go south!

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, it's big news!

Fly away! Far away! Tsubasa hirogete (Spread your wings)
Go ahead! Do your best! Niji wo tsukamou (Grab the rainbow)
Sora takaku kakage yubi hiroge tsukuru (Raise your hand to the sky and spread your fingers )
Piisu no sain mabushii news tsukuridase! (In a peace sign, make dazzling news!)

Kanashii toki wa omoidashite
Kokoro ni taiyou dare ni demo aru hazu
(When you're sad just remember
Everyone has the sun in their heart)

Kodoku no naka de kanashimanaide
Yasashii hikari ni mimamorareteru kara
(Don't be sad alone
A gentle light is watching over you)

Hitori ja nai yo chikaku ni iru yo
Genki dashite yuuki motte kake dasou yo
(You're not alone, I'm right nearby
Cheer up, have courage, and start running)

Fly away! Far away! Miageru hoshi ni (Look up to the sky )
Go ahead! Do your best! Negai wo komete (And wish on a star)
Ikite iru tsuyosa kanjiteru kokoro (Feel the strength to live in your heart)
Piisu no sain sekai e news tsutaeyou! (Peace sign, tell the world the news!)

Kiseki okose! Yume wo nose ugokihajimeteru (Make a miracle! Start moving with your dreams)
Ai to yuuki! Sekaijuu ni mukete tsutaeyou (Love and courage! Face the world and tell them)
We can do it!

Sora takaku kakage yubi hiroge tsukuru
Piisu no sain mabushii news tsukuridase!
(Raise your hand to the sky and spread your fingers
In a peace sign, make dazzling news!)

Dare ni mo makenai
Yuuki wo mune ni kimi ni okuru news
(I won't let anyone beat me
With courage in my heart, I'll send you the news)


Yanie: to your best. whatever you choose, make it the best for you ! ganbatte!
Izat: make sure Matric Arau remember you! im proud of you, a doctor-to-be~
Afiq: hehe, adik ipar~ buat baik2. duk rumah jgn nakai2. aku tau ang booooleh !!
Nabilah : Dr Nabilah, cepat2 la jd doktor.. nanti boleh merawat aku ngan yabu. and hikaru XD
Zawani : New Zealand's await you... go for it !!
Wawa: tak kisah la apa ang pilih, aku tau ang boleh punya . gambatte waaa!!
Su: su boooleh! gempakkan matrik penang tuh !!!
Halogens : fwen forever kay? nanti kita jumpak lg >_< make sure each and everyone of us suuuuksessss ..
Ziera-imoto: good luck in you exam. do your best ! make us proud of you .! gambatte !!!
Yuiri: lets work our best. Japan ish waiting~~
Yuki: ganbatte! yamada ish waiting for yah ~
kuni and Jann: eehh, study!! tak dapat staight A's siap la jart belasah ! hehe XD

im sleeepy now~~ lets all sleep ~_~

Saturday, May 9, 2009

tagged by imoto, sakura >_<

2.jartjasnie (jart jasni)

1. my bday
2. eheeem2 bday
3. family and friend bday

1. wake up
2. watch masked rider kabuto
3. sent a msg to izat

1. fwenssss
2. fwensss
3. dad ?

1. my own PC
2. Ipod

1. sleep
2. talk
3. watch onni games

1. japan
2. japan
3. japan

1. milo ais
2. iced milo
3. milooo~~

1. driving license
2. ic
3. money~(in case of emergency shopping)

1. pinky
2. pinky
3. grey

1.god and prophet
2. yabu >_<
3. fwens and families

OMG XD i love yabu more than family? hehe jk, kay?

1. yabu
2. kota boy >_<
3. inoo ( i dunno why i say this, but i feel of loosing him)

1. plastic girl
2. show off girls
3. ppl that hate meh

1. imoto tagged meh
2. i saw yuiri already done hers
3. cos im bored

1. saku-chan
2. yuiri
3.nagato yuki
4. cousin kuneh
5. cousin yuki
6. izat
8. adik ipar durhaka, afiq
9. jann
10. wawa and zawani

i wanna tagged more ppl~~!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

HSJ thingies

BEWARE ! this ish not the real them ! i just love to name meh thing with HSJ's member name..

~this ish chinen wif ichiban pose~

~meh sis dai-chan~

~my ari-chan~

~my teddies collection~

~this ish yamada, yuto and chii~
yama-chan ish holding meh handphone, chii ish the one on yuto's lap

~meh HSJ pic collection~

~same as above~

~this ish meh sis bed~
wif yama-chan and yuto pic

~my love, YABU !~

SWEET 16th! I LOVE YOU, bro!!

senge shuka hanida, noru-shi!! I MISS YOU SOOOO MUCH !

Thursday, May 7, 2009

im going wild XD

yesterday, so many crazy thinggies happen to me.

first, i bumped ( not bumped actually, just langgar CP2 ja) into a car.im dead X_X thank god my mom said its okay. that would be like a kenangan before going to matric. the side mirror were so calar2.

next ish, i speed at 100 km/h at federal( ish that what we called it, i mean jalan biasa) hehe, im dangerous. XD please dun report this to any police cos i've done it cos i was so late to fetch meh mom.

next, i found out that the Rin girl ish actually my old CR buddy. silly me.. how come i just know? O.O crazy meh, ha?

cos im crazy today, im gonna make all meh fwen too XD hehe XD

kay, look at this pic below, and guess which ish me. SBPIKP-ians are not allowed.

click on it for bigger view.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


okeh, CONFIRM im going to SHAH ALAM !! yaaaaay~ that mean i can go SHOPs everyday, meet YUIRI-san, and more fun thinigies to do XP OMG, im to happy, i cant sontrol meh smile anymore :D<---- soooo ugly smile( macam kerang busyuk)

im going there 23rd may >_<>


You imitate an adult by hugely stretching yourself out
then suddenly your feet stop, you’re still an inexperienced sixteen-year-old

in front of your eyes pitch dark anxiety arises,
but when you keep watching without averting your eyes, you’ll see it’ll become a sparkling starry sky

Journey into Space turning round and round, inside my head it’s spinning as well
There are doodles next to my notes, my drawings surpass those of Picasso
Journey is Life, there’s a wind blowing and we don’t know where it came from
That’s your chance, hurray!
I’m accelerating, my heart is beating fast and vastly
inside my chest there are shining wings

Hey! start running, kick off from the ground for a high jump
let’s add some hot spices to our boring daily lives

I’m dozing off during class to the teacher’s long talks,
they’re amazing lullabies, but in a moment there’s an alarm clock (HEY! Wake up!)

we’re spending the same time, even though time passes by evenly
there are millions of journeys you have your own story

Journey into Space, turning round and round, inside my stomach it’s rumbling as well
There’s a great janken showdown during lunch, a hamburger surpasses a medal
Journey is Life There’s a new world right there
Is everyone prepared, all right!
We go on, aiming for that horizon
My throbbing heartbeat sounds like never-ending explosions

Hey! start running, kick off from the ground for a high jump
let’s add some hot spices to our boring daily lives

Journey into Space turning round and round, inside my head it’s spinning as well
There are doodles next to my notes, my drawings surpass those of Picasso
Journey is Life, there’s a wind blowing and we don’t know where it came from
That’s your chance, hurray!
I’m accelerating, my heart is beating fast and vastly
inside my chest there are shining wings

Hey! start running, kick off from the ground for a high jump
let’s add some hot spices to our boring daily lives

>__< style="font-style: italic;">I’m dozing off during class to the teacher’s long talks.
looks like meh hubby share the same hobby as i am XP sleeping in class .. so meh plan was, i gonna listen to this song everyday in college so that i can maintain my hobby XP heheheheheeh XD
WARNING : KIDS DO NOT TRY THAT AT HOME, or else your parent gonna sue me for spreading some bad habits.

* i dunno why, but ,meh blog seems to have some probs. so bare it. some words ( or maybe phase) will be missing. and some weird words will appear *bows* gomena readers. its not meh fault.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

sickness ish spreading

im sick ( but im getting better now) , meh sis and bro are getting sick. poor them.. im a sick-ness spreader .. HEHE XXXDD.. after 3 days out, here i am back ! TADAAAAIMA !!!! get ready minna.. cos JART's gonna rock teh world..

i've watched gokusen 3 sp .. teh episode was soo GOOD >_< (wif less takaki and more miura-S).. zie-chan, you can borrow mine if you want..

mom ish not home ^_^ partay time!!! come on minna !! come and party at JART's !! PAAAAAARTYYYYY ON !!

not going to matric ! >_<