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Monday, June 22, 2009

heeeeeeeeeeehe !!

hellooooo! everyone....~ everyone~ i am back!!!

sorry for not updating my blog for almost two weeks. i am just so busy with A LOT OF ASSIGNMENT..

just a quick post here cos i am actually doing my journal now. ( curik2 tulang kejap)

today i am soooooooo INSANE !!

i have so much fun talking to friends!!

i feel so sorry for yuiri cos we cannot meet the other day

i really feeling like i am going to sick

heeehe .. nothing more...

OH, before i forgot!!


i love my family sooooo much!!

+already got a face and a book and now a FACEBOOK!!!!!!+

Monday, June 8, 2009


todayilearnboutspeakinginenglish. theaimoflearningthatistotalkinenglishwiffoutorwithlessfillers.heheXD see!impratisingitnow! hehe XD LOL LOL!!!!!!

im going nuts! let's partay!!!

talking bout party, last night we held an awesome suprise b'day party for cheah. okay, there's alot of spoiler but still the party is awesome ! she was like haaaaaaaaaaa~! when we scream SUPRIIIIIIIIIIIISE~!! and we sang her bday song. we were planning of using newS' but then i spoiled it by playing it out load when she's in teh room (imsuchajerk!) so we change it to some b'day song by i dunno who sing it but its so cute. the lyrics is like happy b'day to ya, how old are you then i dunno teh rest.. haha ~ im really am crazy today ha? i dunno what's on my mind but i kept talking to ppl i dunno using broken english. its like a self humiliation! OMG ! help me !

then today we learn bout the behaviour between diff culture. (ignore it cos i dunno how else to describe it) then the teacher i mean lecture ask how to ya greet a japanese. i was so excited i scream OHAYOU! out load and all my classmate were laughing at me. yea yea, they knew that im a jpanese freak. btw, ppl call me BUDAK KECIK here. i take it as a cute word for a cute young girl XP there's some boys that keep calling me HAJAQ. i seriously HATE IT! i know that alor star is pronounce as aloq staq but hajar is said as HA-JAR ! not that jsdfuusbfht word! OMG! what am i turning to now? this is so not like me.

on sunday, i went to sunway wif my roomates and we watched ~17 AGAIN!!!!!~teh movie was awesome (minus zak efron cos i hate him soooooooooooo much) i wish yabu was the hero( but wait ! yabu HAD to kiss some old auntie in there so that's definately a noooooo~ from me ) i miss yabu so much ! last night during the party, eddy and me sang TANPA by sixth sense and then......................LOL me! i cried cos i miss yabu soooooooo much ! hehe XD but then my sis called and she let me listened to 100% yuuki yabu's version. i was like ........................... JUMPING TO DREAM!!!! this is the secong time sarah had save my life. hehe XD saraaaaaaaaaaaaaah, you're are my heroooooooooo! I LOOVE YOU !

kay la, gtg. im freezing here. i dun want the not-demage part of my brain got too cold and join the others.

kay jaaaaaaaa everyone!

+missing yabu so much+

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

so soon?

hehe XD i know its just yesterday i updated my blog. what else could i say ? i just LOOOOOOOOOVE to talk. XD but I HAVE TO MAKE SURE I USE SOME PROPER ENGLISH FROM NOW ! cos teachers can't write down ish instead of is rite? i mean right guys? hehe XD hehe .. i don't actually have much to say just wanna share with ya guys some pic of my life and friends here in UiTM SHAH ALAM.. now i really LOVE my classmate. they are so wonderful though they are one or two ppl that keep mumbling whenever we start to talk about jpop and kpop. but above all, i THINK i will have the courage to finish my study here. enough talking, Jart ! PIC TIME!
OMG !this is the back of my hand. its look SO UGLY right? that's why i hate mosquitoes so much. i hope it wouldn't leave scar cos I HATE SCAR ! its looks a bit like allergy, does it?
p/s: believe me, mosquitoes is currently available as pet. you can cantact me if you want one. cos there are A LOT here!

this is the MARVELOUS ais kacang in our cafe. it got a BIIIIIG ice cream on top and loaded with alot of chocolate.. SOOO YUMMMY~

this is my roomate, sema. she's so cute right?

ignore the peace one! cos she's so HYPER- ACTIVE at night!

this is me and che ah, my roomate and former school buddy.

i dont have eddy's picture. cos she's so hot ! its not easy to have her pic. she looks so handsome. i'll try to post her pic next time. kay. gtg write some journal now. jaaaaa~ I LOVE YA ALL!


my university life

hello everyone ! its been two weeks now since i'm in UiTM.


teh, i mean the first week ish the worst week ever in my life. the orientation TOTALLY SUCKS ! I HATE IT MORE THAN ANYTHING IN THIS MORE! thank god its already ended.

i happen to have cheah as my roomate. she is my former school mate which happen to be my course mate to0.. what a co-incidence rite?then i have dewi who we call her EDDY cos she's a BIT TOMBOY-ish. she is also happen to be from Kedah too. then there miss SEMAH which ish so small and kawaii XD she's from kelantan and ya all must know that kelantan is very famous for being MOLEK2..they are ROCKS ! they are all so nice. we all have dinner, gossip and most of everything together.

another intresting part is the visit to our faculty, THE FACULTY OF EDUCATION. sadly, the faculty is not beatiful AT ALL. its just an old building which actually is a school! i WAS sad but something had cheer me up. guess what it is? its the classroom! all the classroom got AIR COND ~~~~! HORAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY~ so its not really a school kan? heehe XD

this week all the classes start . the teachers, i mean lectures are all so nice. their english are SUPERB ! i admire them a lot! my course mate are the best. the love jpop and korea and THEY IS THIS ONE GIRL WHO HAPPEN TO LOVE HSJ TOO~~~~ she'll be my fav buddy here. my group mate is so good. they english is awesome X_X which ended up to im become the stupid-est in the class. my english SUCKS! i feel so small ( its no like im that big la) they use the word like plagiarism instead of cheating in exam . dont ya guys agree wif me that they are AWESOME? in the class, my best pal is ITA aka ITAI XD we are like kids in the class. she loves to play PSP. the boys call her GAME FREAK. we like so many same things, which make us BESTIE! today we play JAN-KEN-PON in the class. the whole class is full of our laughter. my classmate also like to laugh at my KEDAH DIALECT XD they are some who try to speak kedah too but they make it sound like SIAMESE ! HEHE XD that make me laugh at them back.

i dont know what else to write la. they are just a lot in my mind. HA, the assignment. OMG ! i dont know how to spell assignmnet ! HELP MEEEEEEEEEE~! they are a lot of them. we have to write 3 journal for a week ! IM DEAD but i kinda like it cos i like to share my life wif ppl XD

I MISS HSJ SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH ! im so bored here! can someone please kidnap me? ! XD hehe XD kay la, its journal time ! JAAA~ i'll be in again next week maybe

+the internet is really slow ! I HATE IT !!+

Monday, June 1, 2009

im back !!

hello fwensssss!! miss me? hehe XD

looks like i miss alot of things here ! are ya guys having fun wifout me ! hehe XD its okay la, i cant be at all teh party house kan? my life here ish okay la. i already met some jpop and kpop freak . OMG~ gtg now!i'll add some story later ..


+i miss fwens so much !+