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Friday, February 12, 2010


this is the second week I've been watching Hidarimei Tantei on Key hole.. though i don't understand any one the word they are saying (i cant hardly hear what they r saying actually, lol XD), i screaaaaaaaaaam~ each time Hitomi no screen was played!! fyi, it is aired on Saturday, at 2.30 malaysian's time.. so to all malaysians, do take note n lets screaaaaam for life!! (MARILAH SAMA2 KITA MEMERIAHKAN MALAYSIAN DGN JERITAN KITA~~~!!) later after that, i saw an advertisement with my BF, Narimiya Hiroki in!! he's aweshomely cute there jz like he is in Gokusen movie 2009!! Okay, my love for him had grown up!! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay~!! i love Key Hole!!!

that is this one post i really want to publish it but im afraid that i might hurt some people's feeling so i'm still thinking bout it..

I'm still waiting for my things to arrive.. when will it arrive har?? T,T I cant wait any much longer.. I'm still thinking bout buying HSJ calendar (cos this year maybe the last year for me as HSJ fan, who knows.......?) But, on the other hand, i also wanted News' and Johnny's Jr's.. arggggh!! i cant decide lo...

I really really want to download the last episode of Akazukin Cha Cha, but i dunno why the download will stop..arrrgggghhh!! please lemme watch it la!! I'm dying for it!! *singing* zuttto kimi iro omoi, kimi ga kawaranai....................................................

ARASHI!! lol, i found lotsa Arashi's fans here.. i wonder why HSJ's got less har....?

ok i really really dunno what to write anymore.. bfore i started talking random-ly n nonsence-ly, i better get going.. Jaa minna~!! love ya all!!

+can't wait for tommorow+