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Sunday, November 1, 2009

weeeird dream ne..

last night i had dream, A nightmare.. ~__~ ppl said (or is it a fact) that we dream of the thing we learn/ do in the day time. so, means that the possibilities of dreaming the thing we do last bfore we go to sleep are much higher than the thing we do first thing in the morning.. XD last night i had a very weird dream.. im not a dreamer type of person n my dream aren't oftenly weird.. but this one.... it had nothing to do with either me, my everyday life, or the last thing i do last night (which is text-ing bachan wishing her bday)


i was in a cute house. there r a couple there.. there r cleaning up the house.. the couple was cutest, sweetest couple i've ever saw.. while they r cleaning the stairs TOGETHER~ arrrr, so sweet ne..., the BG music was U are everything in my life.. seriously, i never heard anything of the song bfore, but the song is the BEST love song i've ever heard.. they r really having fun, bfore the girl saw a pair of feet on her doorway.. the shoe was black, leather one, i can still remember it.. then there was a hard knock on the door, really really hard.. sounded almost like breaking the door.. the girl then freaked out.. she dont wanna open the door but the man outside scream like crazy.. she's really scared now.. she pulled her bf upstairs n told him to open the door. her bf said ok n want her to hide in her room.. her bf take his last hold of her girl then he take a go to the door.. the girl waited n waited n then someone open her door.. its not her bf, instead its her sis'.. n her sis' bf was holding her sis hair n forcing her to walk into her room.. her sis' bf kept on screaming n screaming, shouting bout he wanting something n her sis kept on crying n said noo~! please dont n plead to him to stop... the situation was getting more n more tense.. i dont really remember what happen next but then her sis' bf really want to enter her sis room.. her sis really dont want that to happen n reading the situation, she quickly stop her sis' bf from doing that.. but unfornatelly she failed to stop him so she went inside the room n said, if u want anything, u have to go pass me first.. n then....... (my nightmare) her sis' bf take a big table, not so big actually n knock off her like she's a thing n not a human~!! that is insanely bad!! he killed her!! when i saw him picking up the table, i scream ALIiiiiiiiiiiF~~~~~~!!! (maybe thats her bf's name) but no one answer so i decide to go n get him myself.. that is when i saw blood flooding in the house, from outside n inside..., FROM EVERYWHERE... it was really really scary.. seeing one murder case in fron of your eyes in a nightmare n now im seeing two!! arrrrr~~!!! i hate the fact that im remembering every inch of the murdering part.. i hate blood n now im seeing a whole bunch of it.. i realised that Alif is the first one to die, so what option i have left besides runnn save my life, so I RUN FOR MY LIFE.... then i woke up.. i began to cry.. i cant stop crying n im too afraid to sleep back.. im afraid the facts that my dream sumetime (actually almost all) are indeed true.. i dont want the cute couple to die..... T.T i dont want that crazy man to do all the crime he did in his dream... typing all of this is really scary n the weather..... i cant tell more.. its really windy n got lotsa bam, dam dooom here n there... arrrrr~ i cant take it anymore... i have to stop now.. sayonara~!!

ok the thing happen : the first person i talk today is ALIF NASIR, my former schoolmate who i hate him n he hate me.. n suddenly he talks to me??? XD weird...~!! n scary~!!


Blogger Chiharu~ said...

Jart! that's horrible! T^T
kowai!! ;W;

November 2, 2009 at 2:30 AM  

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