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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

lets all go back in time..

waaa.. its been a long time since i meet all of ya guys(especially oddies)sometimes i wonder how we knew each other n get so close to each others.. do ya guys always wonder bout it too?

this ish how i knew this person that now became one of the most important person in my life..


sakura (chai chai)
13 Feb 2009
it's cool to meet another malaysian hsj's fan..
can we keep in touch?

this is what i send to her.

then she repied by saying,
yup sure..i would love too...! by the way thanx 4 adding me...

then we talk n talk n talk.. YM-ing and even texting all day long.. i miss those days.. what i miss the most is u calling me neechan/sis.. heheheee XD but now both of us ish busy.. hope someday we can talk like we used to be..

Yuiri (papa)
23 April 2009

this day happen to be a very special day cos it is YUI bday!!!! i wished bday to her and that is when we start talking each other on our cbox.. later we chat n chat all day long on MSN.. hehehe~~ later my day wont be the same if i dont talk to her. its like something is wrong. n i started 'falling in love' wif my bro(she la) when i know she looks like the HAWT CUTE hasshi!! lol!! hehehehehe XD

Yuki (lui lui)
i knew her from Yuki n Sakura. that is when i started to follow her bloggy(which ish aweshome) she ish sooo NICE!! i wish i can be as good as her but im just a naughty lil kid..

Neko (mama)
i knew her on the first day of our visit to our faculty. we met on the bus n when she said that she LOVES my Yabu, i was like, OOIII!! YABU ish mine!! that is how we bcome fwen n later is when i realised that her room is just infront of mine.. LOL!!!

at first i thought she is a cute chinese girl n when yui said that her name is Anis i was like HAH!! what?? i just cant believe my eyes n ears. she is just so cute and talented.. she can sing, dance, write fics, bla bla bla...

this is how i know my oddies.. now im in love with each n everyone of them!! wish i can meet them in my real life!!

current mood(in INTEC library):
bored n sleepyusha mamat2 intec yg hot nak mati..

sdg syok senirik dpn webcam. XD

current song: Take me higher (alaaaa, lagu Ultraman Tiga tuh) by V6

hah, jgn korang suma pelik knapa asek gambar pakai baju nih ja dlm tiap2 gambo, kerana i just love to amek2 gambo when wearing this baju >__< that's all for this post, i guess.

+am i the one who realize it or i am really getting thinner. OMG, i hate it!!+

Saturday, August 22, 2009

CHAPTER 3: jart weirdo plus neko mama equals to......

this post is specially dedicated to my good fwen, who is always there when i need a person to talk to though we just knew each other.. this is for you Sara.... thanks for being my fwen..


enjoy minna!!

baby Jart just too lazy to write anything.. she needs her 12 hours sleep.. oyasumi minna!!


++added one more pic++

this ish during kaki blue.. ppl called mama prom queen rather than me who is just simple n cute XD

+few days left+

Saturday, August 15, 2009

kaki blue or leg biru??

i dont really mind the title but the story itself ish SUPERB~~!!

last few days(can't remember what's the actual day-my memory is really becoming poorer la..), all the Asasians had to go and watch Kaki Blue at KLPAC.. we all take it as a good news as we never actually go out so oftenly.. all the girls are rather excited as we all go out to buy new clothes and sorta(though i just wear a 'baju pinjam from eddy and tudung also from didi' cos i already spend RM *** on .... heheeee~ cant tell)

ok ok, back to the real story here. kaki blue is basically about 3 teenagers(who are besties) which struggle have to strugle in their life as all of them got their own big probs.. Hernie, a hokkien's girl from Penang who mainly talk Bahasa Rojak(she mixed up malay, english n hokkien) is an abuse victim of her own father. by that, she never care bout anything that ppl do to her anymore as she take it as NORMAL~~..second is Lin, she is a malay girl(she really looks like Diana Daniella though im pretty sure that she is much much more prettier than D****). she had lost her mum but for her, her mum is still wif her. she often talks to her mum. she plans her life very detaily as she expect life will just be the same to everyone that is live live live either happily or sadly then after that we will die. so she choose to die the same way her mum die that is die in peace while smiling(lol her!!) lastly is Ah Ben who is a cute n hawt sissy.. he depend most of his life on his mum. his dad had also passed away this past few years(not really la, its already 10 years), but he still remember him and kind of blame his mum as he thought that she never care that his dad had die(lol 10 years already la, takkan nak nangis tetiap arih kot......~)

then the story develop la.. they have to go to PLKN and there, they learn how tp overcome their probs..


heheehe.. i dunno if the theater already end but if not, i would suggest KL-ians to watch it. its only 30 bucks and believe me, its really worthy. (yui got a fwen in the play but both of us dunno which one) i dont really have my pic there but i manage to find one on my fwen's FB.. so this is what i wear there..

~me n iz~
(kawaii ne~~) we ppl called us sute couple of the night cos even our phone match each others.. GREEN FTW!!

+lol lol lol-ing.. nothing else to do cos im just tired+

Monday, August 10, 2009

chapter 2 : who is that?

do ya guys think she's cute?? better think again cos she is just such a weirdo... believe me cos im close to her and i knew her since like ages ago(maybe b4 she was born)



its very funny and weird at the same time. but for better result watch it in a fast mode.. totally funny n hilarious..


chapter 3 will come a bit late la.. XD
bye minna!!