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Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Little Princess

The Little Princess,or according to Eija aka Mak Gayah, Anem aka mummy, Lala aka budak buku THE LITTLE PWINCESS

its is actually my fave childhood movie n i watch(-s cos i watch it so many times before) n if i remember it correctly i watch it when i was 6 or 7 (almost the same age when i watch Akazukin Chacha) its a story about a cute young girl named Pwincess Sara who had to be send to some kind of justforrichkids boarding school cos her father had to go to some war thingy. She was treated very very nicely until they receive the news of her father's death. She was then made as THE MAID at the school. Later a magic guy comes and turn her room to a very very beautiful room full with foods. later her warden knows that about her room then something happen (which i dont remember it) then everything turns out to be sooo sad and would cause me to cry everytime i watched it. T,T and guess what, I WATCHED IT AGAIN LAST NIGHT!! despite the fact that i got exam the other day,i still watch it coz i just cant resist it. i watched it with Glowie and it ends at 2.30 am. OMG, so late at night so going to die so going to fail grammar and ididcryagain. XD the story is almost the sim as i remimber plus some India part so thats all. In conclusion, EVERYONE MUST WATCH THE MOVIE CZ IT WAS GREAT, n still HAWT!!! It is the best movie of all time.


i have been back to Mawar since Saturday. there is Eija n Atiehere + Thiethie, Anem-mon n baby Lala on saturday. Its been a long time since i sleep at myown room. It's not like i dont want to sleep there but its just that.................... I CAN'T RESIST PARTY!! XD n party-ing at Anem's room has always the best. I love it when we suddenly have random ideas to wear makeup late at night and when we suddenly wannted to dressup like Lala's student. yea la ya guys know how much ILOVERANDOMNESSSSSSS and ya guys too.wish these moments would never end. but sadly second semester has reached its end. many things had happen (lol,suddently i feel that i should put this stuff under a new title) but nvm, it is still the same lo. JART is still JART and always going to be JART.i wont be influent by others easily. so dont ya guys worry, ur JART will never grow up.............T,T so ya guys must make sure not to change tau! k i thinki better stop now cos im going to save some for later.

P/S: to Thiethie, saja takmau tulih bilik ang. XP
PP/S: Atie, nnt aku tulis pasal ko lak
PPP/S: hanye thie thie sj yg phm kenapa wujudnya mentang nih byk2..XP

+the sadness is coming+


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i shud be "anem+titi's parteyh" lah!! mcm la anem sorg ja tuan rumah.
p/s- Lala's student?? Ouch!! haha.
p/p/s- aku paham aku paham!!!
p/p/p/s- it's POST POST SCRIPT. not POST SCRIPT SCRIPT. suruh Lala ajar dia menda ni jugakk.

March 11, 2010 at 9:40 AM  

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