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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


HEEHEE.... i bought a new shoes again!!

kawaii ne??

later i'll post my wedges pic.. that one look sooooo... A-W-E-S-O-M-E!! believe me!!

+i am turning into MONSTER!! HELP ME~!! stop this HAJAR!!!!+

Saturday, July 25, 2009

when jart and kedah re-unite..

IM HOME~!! its like heaven now!

attention: im gonna be online 24 7..!!

wa wa wa wa.... i arrive home at 4 am.. OMG! i elated ! you guys have to see my face then. it was like my dream guy propose me.. heeheee~~~ im home!! home ish HEAVEN!

i just finish my dinner which is at PIZZA HUT!! i want lasagna but i kinda felt so hungry so i order thai masala instead.. tommorow i'll be going to SP!! KF C !! KFC~~!! i want them!!!! OM OM OM~~~~~~ there just so many many things to do~~~!!

bye for now!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

attention all fans and friends!!and adik ipor

attention all fans and friends!!and adik ipor!!!!

attention all fans and friends!!and adik ipor!!

attention all fans and friends!!and adik ipor!!!

just wanna make sure u guys notice... hihiiiiiiiii

vote for me here

believe me!! something BAD gonna happen if someone else win..


+lol lol me... testing 1,2,3+

Friday, July 10, 2009

this one gonna be sooo long..

heellllllo....!! ilovemylife.. heeeeheee

lemme start by giving a very cute speech..

hai.. ohayou, konichiwa, kobanwa, oyasumi....

sorry my fans... its been along time since i update my great blog.. heeeeheeeeee.. i know ya guys have been waiting for my awesome fabullllllous post for like..........FOREVER... but now... im back!! TADDAAAAAAAAAIMA~!!! any one dont miss me...????

to all fwens... I MISS YA GUYS!!!

eheeeeeem2, enough talking.. story time !!!

its been more than a month now im away from home.. IM HOME SICK-ing!!!! help meeeeeh!! yabu!! KOYAMA!! kus kus.. i miss SC, hyakushiki... i even forget some of the juniors name now..!im sad T__T heeeheeee.. S-A-R-A-H!! i hate to admit it.. but I REALLY MISS YOU!! hontouni!!!!!

my lecture class had been fun.. heeeeheeeee.. (had been is used when we wanna describe bout thing that already but still happening) heeeeeheee.. my english sure had improve alot.. i can talk english 'OKAY' now.. heeeheeee..

i just cant take off my shacky2 behaviour when doing presentation.. HELP ME!! yabu gimme a bit of ur confidence!!

T_____________T TIRED!! ya guys know la, when i say this it means that im really into crying!!

yabu sure is growing up day-by-day.. and i feel like im getting smaller and away from him... T__T yabu!! come back!!

OMG, idk what to say more.. i update this more later.. bye jaaaa~~

+alone in the dark+