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Thursday, August 26, 2010


This blog looks so dead and I can't find anyway to post a new post cos I'm already out of the mood of posting. (cos you know when you open the blogger front page and you see that you haven't update for the less a month) So what do you expect? I can't just re-appear and started posting about how happy my new life is after that last post of sad last day as Asasi student.

But ignoring what ever happens here and there, I'm posting a new post now. lol XD I don't know if I still got some readers like before cos I'm sure I have some fans from bfore (kereeeeek is my new self) See how lost you are when I didn't update for that looong period and start to update with this Boombastical words that you might think that maybe those are swearing letters (but believe me, they are not!)

I don't know if this will be some kind of bad news but for me, it's not. I'm officially closing this blog. Yea, for some sad reason, I am :D but looking on the bright side, I wont b semak-ing on your blog list written there, last updated 6 Month ago which some might find it irritating. I'll close this blog in 2 weeks so until then please feel free to comment and critic me in either the cbox or comment this post.

Lastly, I REALLY LOVE MINNA REAAADERS and THIS BLOGGG~!! <3 I will always remember the love and memories.

With love,
Jart Jasnie
<3 My first blog ever <3
I'll remember it just like I treasure my first love.

P/S : I actually got a new blog, but I'm not sure about sharing it with the world yet. (proves my low self-esteem) If minna are good and fortunate, you might found it. So, if you do, please comment on the post or follow me so that I'll know I'm busted by you =D or in the other hand, you can just b nice and ask me for the new bloglink (this is actually one way to filter my follower, for some just randomly follow but don't even bothers reading the blog they are following - lol, as if I still got readers who wants to read my blog lo)


Blogger kunima said...

jgn duk gatai nak tutup blog neh!

apsal g wat blog baru laks? D:
meh bg link kat syu~I'll follow you wherever you go!

sorry girl cos I havent been reading your blog for a while,been busy with some stuffs *cough* like...games? XD


September 15, 2010 at 2:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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